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Hello there, and welcome.

My name is Victoria (Vix) and I am fortunate enough to call myself a full time Actress. My main body of work coming from classical theatre, however over the years I have been involved in TV, Radio/ Voice over work and film. A main part of my income during 2013 was also through co-directing a children’s theatre company.

I am constantly looking for new adventures and challenges. Currently I am a full time member of “Shakespeare Aloud” the resident acting company based at “Shakespeare’s Birthplace”. That’s right, I get to perform Shakespeare’s work in the house where he was born and raised! This is a years contract, so I am currently based in Stratford upon Avon. With this job I am fortunate enough to be involved in various special events , such as filming for Master Chef and Cbeebies. My most resent film role was for a documentary on the life and works of Shakespeare, in which I played the role of Juliet and was lucky enough to wear £500,000 worth of diamonds from our lovely sponsors “George Pragnel”. I will be using this site as an on-line folio of my current work and projects, so please keep checking the current “posts” to see what I’m currently working on. Remember my Acting CV is available to download and print under the “CV”section of this site.

Previously I have written and directed a lovely comedy show utilising my experience in classical theatre, contemporary training and physical theatre. The show is called “Rodney and Julie J”, you can find out more about the show and read some of its reviews under the “R & JJ” section of this website.  The show is potentially being produced over seas in 2015,but I am always keen to see it reproduced again in the UK. If you have any questions about the production or would like to see some clips of footage or script, please feel free to get in touch.

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