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You may have already read that the show ‘Rodney and Julie J’ is based on the shakesperean classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’, heres the twist, instead of Montagues VS Capulet, it is now ASDA VS TESCO.

Sounds awesome right? Well we thought so too, to make it even more fun we have reinvented all those classical characters you thought you knew so well. If you fancy learning more about these characters, please take a look at the cast profiles to see who they are playing.


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RODNEY AND JULIE J was produced to be a light hearted version of the well-known classic. It’s purpose was to make people laugh and look at classical theatre in a whole new way.

The production has no scenery or props (apart from a ukulele)that’s just how cool we are! Instead the wonderfully talented actors create scenery and props with their bodies. Drawing on director Victoria’s training in the methods of Jacques LeCoq a theatrical practitioner whose teachings derived primarily from the theatrical form of mime.

We want you, our lovely audience, to witness something truly unique. So we create supermarkets, a bar and car parks using mime and vocal techniques. “Oh that’s clever…” we hear you say? Well yes, it is, but it’s all meant to be fun and games really. The really clever part is how the script works….

Did you know that the script for RODNEY AND JULIE J started off by the Director translating the WHOLE of the classical play into modern day English? Then the script was fitted around the premise of the two opposing supermarkets.

However some of the better known lines from the classic where kept, to keep the comparison between the two productions strong. So  if you are a clever so n’ so you will notice, that all the scenes in this production are in the exact same order as the original, and more often than not the text between various characters appears in the same order aswell. As fun and as fast paced as the production may be, it’s a clever little one too!

Along the way the piece was filled with some improvised humour and musical excerpts, bringing the whole piece to life. With so much delivered in just a little over an hour, it really is a treat for the eyes and the ears.

Got any ideas? Let us know, good theatre in our opinion is always a working progress. So drop us a line! Either through the ‘CONTACT US’ section, or via a comment on the ‘BLOG’ page. We would love to know what you think or what you’d like to inject into the peice.

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