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Playing at The Courtyard Theatre, London :N1 6EU

November the 5th,6th,7th.8th.9th and 10th.Photo 24-09-2013 00 38 02


Rodney and Julie J:

‘Two household supermarkets, both alike in dignity and price, in fair common land where we lay our scene…’

Using physical theatre and a little blunt comedy, Romeo and Juliet gets turned on its head in this modern, fast paced, hilarious interpretation. With no scenery or props, this piece is simply and cleverly staged with little more than the seven actors’ bodies. Twisting the classic characters into new people, this is Shakespeare’s classic tale of ill-fated love like you’ve never seen it before.

Having already been requested to be performed at North-Easts contribution to The World Shakespeare Festival, this sell out show has been touted (by the head of The Sage Gateshead) as being ‘ delivered with more panache and more cleverly written than radio 4 comedy shows’.

Performed by seven Geordie graduates, In this piece Asda vs Tesco with a troubling outcome, it is definitely guaranteed to keep you on your toes.



Victoria Baker : 07742375516

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